Occupational Health Management
through Green Infrastructure in companies

Company premises and workplaces with a distinctive "green infrastructure" are a living expression of a comprehensive occupational health management, which is embedded in a growing company-specific corporate culture.

The creation of diversity through natural elements and a holistic consistency in the design results in a stimulating and stress-reducing quality of place. Decision-makers and employees can support their well-being through a nature-based sense of resonance and a company-related awareness of identity.

When people's needs are served in this way, health-promoting effects on their well-being can contribute to greater motivation for the workforce.

We, at the Institute for Life-Related Architecture - ILbA e.V., accompany you through landscaping and redesigning of your company premises. The planning is characterized by an intensive dialogue, followed by a careful realization with a value-preserving care.

The aim of our endeavor is to highlight the uniqueness of the company's location. Surrounded by naturalness appropriate to its use, such that it moves and inspires the customers, the workforce and the decision-makers of the company.

Referencial Projects

The project “Boosting Urban Green Infrastructure through Biodiversity-Oriented Design of Business Premises” is currently developed
together with the German lead partner Die Bodensee-Stiftung (Lake Constance Foundation). project website (in german)

Infoblatt zum Projekt (deutsch)

Blühendes Bodenseeland (logo Naturnahe Firmengelände (logo)

Best practice of corporate landscape design with a high quality of the place: Reinhard Schiegl IRS Systementwicklung GmbH

Naturnahe Firmengelände - Wir machen mit!

Media Mirror

Article on the work of ILbA member Anton Robl in IHK Wirtschaft Konkret, Feb 2018 focusing on Health and Biodiversity aspects and the corresponding potential concerning business premises respectively.