Health and Landscape

Influence on Well-being

Exploration of the ways in which human activities influence the landscape and how the landscape influences in turn its population, appears as a crucial topic not for the future, but as significant and essential for the present. It is a recent paradox that the landscape as a value remains at the edge of concern (probably because “the soul has got lost”) while indeed it plays a key role in human survival. Finding the suitable mediums through which the public can learn to re-connect with landscapes, and its elements and understand how to be in tune with their own nature remains challenging. The concept of the cultural landscape could potentially provide a very integrative point of view for society in regard to shifting its interest.

The influence of the quality of the environment on health (limits for quality of air, water, soil, noise, radiation, etc.) is already established, evidence-based, provable by previous medical cases and thus officially accepted. But the topic of “the relationship of People and Landscape from the perspective of Health and Well-being” goes beyond the understanding of green space and its healing influence only for the patients in the certain dedicated areas, such as spas or clinics (e..g. garden therapy). It is becoming apparent that the quality of space itself is essential for the wellbeing of all citizens (i.e. a landscape “therapy”), but so far current development activities do not fully reflect this. Given the present state of our world, we believe there is a need to address “why” this should be so, on a deep, core level.

“If we are to restore the balance in our world, we need to go beneath the surface to heal the split between spirit and matter and help to bring the sacred back into life”. Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

Core questions where the investigation of ILbA e.V. is concentrating on are:

  • What are the curative properties of nature and the healing power of landscape as such? Should this only be for the benefit of patients? Or for the well-being of society as well?
  • Can people also have a healing influence upon the landscape? If yes, by which means? As a manifestation in the improvement of its physical appearance only (structure, functions, etc.)? Or also in its energetical balance (the Earth as a living being)?

Referencial Projects

In order to develop the topic on the European level, ILbA has started a cooperation with Civilscape - the European network of non-governmental organisations supporting the European Landscape Convention. Within Civilscape a Task Force on Health and Landscape has been established.

Civilscape Website