the Sound of the Earth

GEOPHONE is the landscape sculpture in the "Land of the Green Dragon".

The idea for the landscape sculpture GEOPHON began with a dream. It was so strong that the dream idea had to become the reality.

The shape of GEOPHON is reminiscent of that of the Bohemian Forest (in the Czech Republic), called Ĺ umava, "the rustling trees". Perhaps it also refers to a mythical being, the one which unfolds the spirit of the "Land of the Green Dragon"... A pyramid can be explained logically and mathematically. GEOPHONE opens in an analogous, sensually tangible and intuitive way.

Geophon - sound of the Earth

The term GEOPHONE refers to:

  • a landmark, elevation and niche in the cultural landscape
  • a retreat and liaison for plants, animals and humans
  • a landscape stage, a land-art project or a meeting place for generations
  • a testimony with traces of a new inflaming European dragon myth
  • an anchor point and a gateway to new awakening relations to a different world
  • a gate or impulse to a deep ecological understanding of space
  • a place of longing for our "self-rising" and our "being-relation-to-the earth"
  • a room for our re-connection or even a reorientation
  • a place of power for the perception and the listening in the "belly of the earth"
  • a place for mindfulness or for dealing with decision-making
  • a social shelter for a collectively and creatively designed environment
  • a learning place for the development of individual and community future
  • a "social sculpture" to release socially effective impulses
  • a landscape profile to strengthen an urban or a rural area

The cultural landscape, the quality of the designed places affect the human beings. The careful handling of the place, shape, and space are also important for our well-being and our health.

Referencial Projects

In addition, thoughts "float" independently and sometimes develop in a surprising way. GEOPHON vision has been chosen as one of the top ten project ideas in competition for Pilsen - European Capital of Culture 2015 (in the Czech Republic). It has been realized in 2013 on a modified scale at the garden show in Tirschenreuth (Germany) and 2014 in the Generation garden of Reichenschwand (Germany).