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ILbA uses a transdisciplinary, trans-sectoral and transnational approach to promote the balance of the inner and outer worlds of consciousness, people, and landscape through 3 pillars

Consulting and Planning

ILbA e.V. moderates innovative processes in the concept of sustainable development, advising private and public clients in ensuring the spatial quality of a house, garden, village, city, region, and landscape. The expertise can be used also in special areas such as health resorts, clinics, senior houses, in the social institutions, shared flats, at training centers, soft tourism facilities, etc. LandArt projects can be a part of the process.

Promotion of Green Infrastructure and Health

The flagship discipline of ILbA e.V. is design of the comprehensive concepts for health care and health promotion for businesses, administrations, individuals, community groups in the context of green infrastructure. In addition, natural methods of maintaining space with aspects of permaculture and integration of self-sufficient ideas can be included.


ILbA e.V. creates awareness among partners, clients and stakeholders. It strives for interdisciplinary cooperation. It sharpens the view for the recognition of weaknesses and strengths in existing conditions and opens the opportunities for a life-oriented architecture. ILbA e.V. offers further education opportunities through workshops, seminars, training and coaching at various training locations or at the local facilities.


In various projects ILbA e.V. works towards a holistic understanding of key issues
between people and the landscape
throughout 'the Heart of Europe'

Biodiversity Premises

EU LIFE Projekt "BooGI-BOP"

company environment in Furth im Wald

Health and Landscape

Influence on Well-being

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Health Management

green infrastructure in companies



supporting "the Big Transformation"


Landscape Festivals

make Your own Experiences

model of the geophon with plant sonograhic egg


the Sound of the Earth


Border Landscapes

Revival of Cultural Landscapes



Landscape Flashback

About ILbA

ILbA’s innovative concept of life-based architecture

ILbA e.V. (henceforth simply: "ILbA") aims to use the power of environments in support for peoples' wellbeing and creativity by professionally guiding communities, companies and individuals towards a more vital and spirited perception and creation of life enforcing environments.

ILbA aims to increase the Heart of Europe region's understanding of this crucial interconnection of people and landscape. ILbA, as a non-governmental organisation, has been involved in numerous activities concerning the development of landscape strategies, ethical and sustainable economic activities and last but not least: the promotion of natural health.
To internationally address the numerous challenges and threats related to the cultural landscape, ILbA as a member of Civilscape (the European Landscape Network of NGO's) supports the European Landscape Convention, (ELC, schematically). Within Civilscape, ILbA initiated the establishment of the task Force on Health and Landscape (fall 2016) and has taken a chairmanship position.
On the national level ILbA has been active in the Working Group on Garden and Therapy/ Medicine within the Research Society for Landscaping and Landscape development (FLL, Bonn). In terms of practical projects with communities, companies and social institutions, the members of ILbA have a long-term experience of involvement in planning and the creation of green spaces.

  • Mission

    We Work for …

    ILbA e.V. stands for strengthening the unity of people and landscape by developing practical prospects for natural lifestyle in healthy landscapes. The fields of activity of ILbA e. v. are linking the architecture and planning, design and construction, urban and landscape planning with economy and health promotion. ILbA e. v. serves as a catalyst that accelerates practical work of sustainable heart-wisdom solutions.

  • Ethics

    We Trust in …

    In an epoch of transition when thinking and feeling need to go together again we strive for applying the principle of harmonious living. ILBA e. v. acts in a comprehensive sense for balanced creation of psychosocial, ecological, economic, spatial and cultural conditions for healthy living conditions. In a broad collaboration we recognize empathy, compassion, comprehension, and communication as the basic tools to work with.

  • Values

    We Care for …

    By understanding our place upon this planet, and within this universe, we appreciate every moment of life as sacred, and the landscape as sacral. We believe in spiritual nature of life which goes beyond any religion. We are a part of the web of life. We are all living systems and we are all part of each other. And for that we feel responsible.

  • Vision

    We Dream about …

    As a new narrative for the 21st century, the vision of ILbA e. v. for the society is: "healthy food - healthy people - healthy economy - healthy landscapes". With openness and sensitivity to new ideas, we imagine the society with endless opportunities and abilities which priorities wellbeing in terms of quality of life and quality of space. For this vision ILbA e.v. develops innovative concepts with a deep appreciation to the uniqueness of partnerships which brings people closer together.

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Our active Team

ILbA is a non-profit association of people with different backgrounds, cultures, professions, and skills, united by their affinity to the landscape as the basis of life in its whole dimension. Our team believes in a "bottom-up" active change approach. The joint involvement of many people working together can powerfully contribute to the creation of future we want.
"We are the landscape people! - ILbA is a member of Civilscape

Anton Robl

landscape architect/ constructor of gardens/ advisor
chair of ILbA e.V.

Wolfgang Brauner

landscape architect/ sculptor
vice-chair of ILbA e.V.

Pavlína Mišíková

earth worker/ cultural creative

Peter Taylor

environmentalist/ author

Markus Mantel

sociologist/ adept of Qigong

Petr Klement

producer/ networker

Marie Robl

health consultant/ event manager

ILbA is based in the East of Bavaria (Germany) close to the beautiful Šumava Mountain Range on the border with the Czech Republic. This region is referred to as being a part of the Heart of Europe.

Surrounded by a forest garden, the office of ILbA is located at HofLind, far from any busy urban pulse and hidden in a realm of the whispering trees. This place provides the ideal conditions for think-tank meetings as well as a quiet space to hear the inner voice of inspiration.


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